The Read: Tales of Shade by Kid Fury & Crissle

#1 Comedy Podacast on iTunes!

#1 Comedy Podacast on iTunes

Just when I thought Kid Fury couldn’t give me more life and snatch the remainder of my spirit, he teams up with his shady counterpart Crissle on their new podacast  “The Read” now available on iTunes! And congrats for snatching the number one spot and giving your viewers, like me, L-I-F-E. Together the shady sisters trade wits and rip apart the pop culture fuckery, give praise to the greatness of the Creole Empress that is Beyoncé’ Giselle Knowles-Carter, their experience as New Yorkers and everything else under the sun. At this point, what else can Kid Fury do? And Crissles unapologetic, in your face shade has immediately won me over.

Courtesy: Kid Fury |

Courtesy: Kid Fury |

If you aren’t satisfied with their YouTube and blog posts, definitely subscribe to “The Read” ASAP!

The Read:

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Kid Fury:

YouTube: The Fury TV

Instagram: Kid Fury

Tumblr: Signed, Fury


Instagram: Crissle


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